We're rocking the boat...all the boats, actually

Everything is changing: the healthcare market, the cruise vacation, the nuclear industry.

We're making waves so big we'll rock things on land, too...

Cruise Line

Restaurants, casino, entertainment and all that


Doctor, dentist, optometrist, nurses...included


See a medical specialist at any port in our network

Land-based Living

Take a break from the ship at our facilities in all ports

Nuclear Powered

Safe, zero emission, vibration-less, quiet vessel

Early Bird Savings

Flex-deposits when young lock in future cruise rates

Our Mission

Why can't we design a different kind of medical care and base it around an experience? Why shouldn't our company focus on acceptance, trip flexibility, and lifestyle improvement? Why can't other cruise lines give refunds? Our unique itineraries allow us to accept Medicare. We will operate on an open-ended cruise schedule with no termination to the duration of the cruise. Guests can travel, receive healthcare, and fill prescriptions while having a good time touring the East Coast and Gulf. Why not blend healthcare and hospitality into one thing?

Why people like CruiseLT?

Do you want red tape or flexibility?

We are commited to customer service and everyone in our company is here to serve you and create happiness. We challenge our guests to find a more caring group of caregivers in any other facility. Guaranteed. That's why we don't charge you for medical visits when staying with us.

World's largest medical device

What lies underneath the shell of our ship is technology that is revolutionary. Our ship will interconnect with the entire lifestyle of our guests where we can monitor patient data more fully than any other healthcare facility or app. Our ship is the medical device that a patient doesn't even have to think about using because we aren't forcing them to install an app, wear a watch, or any other foreign activity.

Feel comfortable and secure

The ship is designed so that unless you are recieving medical care, you won't even know you are in a medical facilty. Guests feel secure knowing that their medical needs travel with them while being in one of the most comfortable and stimulating environments possible. This allows anyone to travel on the ship, even if they don't need medical care!

Zero Emissions

The only zero-emissions cruise ship sailing the seas. No more soot, vibration, noise, or pollution! Our newest propulsion designs (under development now) will change the way passengers travel the ocean when launched. The ship can go years without refueling and could even provide power to port cities in times of emergency. Even better, it's safe!