About CruiseLT, Inc.

CruiseLT (Cruise Long Term) was incorporated July 2014 in South Dakota, USA and designs unique amalgamations of business lines that at first glance appear to be disconnected, but in a weird way compliment each other as a complete business. While our special projects and the portion of business each one serves could likely stand on their own as a separate company, integrating unique features together as a collective whole means that we've stumbled on a solid and risk-free business opportunity that no one saw coming which has the potential to supply thousands of jobs and license technology only dreamt about in the past. The company we've built also has the impressive feature of exciting it's customers in ways that other companies can only dream about and can care for them in a way never before experienced!

You can't argue against doing the right thing

Doing the wrong things may net a little in the short term, but we're playing long ball...and doing the right thing is the only way we win the long game. Our goal over the next 50-100 years is to build an entire health system that doesn't have to deal with insurance, red tape, complexity, or making a profit off of the misfortune of others. Our company is fun, compassionate, helpful, and always striving to do the right thing. Come do the right thing with us.

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