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Experience a different kind of shore excursion

Our cruise destinations are one of a kind. Not only will you be able to enjoy shopping, dining, and nightlife...we are partnering with medical professionals and specialists in every port to enable you to take care of specific needs that exceed the ship's medical staff. Your doctor on the ship will be able to communicate with these land-based specialists in every port, which ensures your medical staff on the ship are always kept in the loop.

Feeling good and want to pay it forward?

We are also building an extensive list of volunteering opportunities in every port. As our guests, you can help local non-profits reach their goals by donating your time to their causes. You'll be able to review and sign up for volunteering events before arriving in port and we'll handle the transportation to/from the ship.

Explore the US East Coast and Gulf States with us!

*Ports of Call subject to change. Check this page for constant updates. Although the ports are listed North-to-South, ports may not always be visited in sequential order and the ship may move between ports and bypass others based on various criteria such as weather, port access, local events, and other things out of CruiseLT's control.

CruiseLT guests aren't tourists...
Our port destinations are designed to allow you to not only learn about a place,
but give you the opportunity to fall in love with one!

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