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Many people have contacted us about jobs. Especially nurses. While we won't be hiring any positions for the ship until the ship is almost completed, we still want to get the contact info of anyone interested in working with us in the future. So even if you don't see a job listed on our careers page, be sure to contact that department so we may consider you when positions do open up.

The most immediate hires we will be making in the near future are in the Corporate and Executive department as well as Customer Service. Requests for candidates for those will be posted in their respective departments as they are needed.


Our first customer (Hi, John!) put his deposit down in 2014, and others have been interested in doing the same since then. You can, too, by going to the signup page and placing a refundable deposit.

Absolutely not!

First off...there will be no "sick" people on the ship...nothing you can catch from another person. Anyone, of any age, can travel on the ship. Want to jump on in Philadelphia and cruise down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras rather than drive or take a plane? Go for it! Other than some extra doctors and nurses running around, you won't even know you are on a cruise ship providing medical care. You'll get top notch care just like everyone else.

But just in case you need it...you'll have access to care like everyone else, too. Chip a tooth partying too hard during the aforementioned Mardi Gras? The dentist visit is covered as part of your stateroom, no questions asked! You just pay for any medications or supplies you use (which your health insurance may pay for, leaving you with free dental work). We dare you to ask if any other ship, plane, or train can offer such things...that's some safe travel!

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