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You want more from healthcare

You want to live life on your own terms, no matter what your age is.

Our mission is to provide freedom, independence, and simplicity to aging seniors and not treat them like they are already dead. You're not dead and you want to keep living life to its fullest!

Lock in your rates now starting at $300 per night for a couple.

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Or you can purchase and own your stateroom and never have to book a cruise ever again...

Condo At Sea

How we stand out compared to standard cruise lines:

  • Doctor, dentist, massage, nurse, and optometrist visits are included in your stay. Guests only pay for medications and supplies used.
  • Full commercial pharmacy on board.
  • Medicare valid 100% of the time cruising
  • No set itineraries. Get on/off in any port. Whether you stay 10 days or 10 months, the choice is yours. Every port is an embarcation and disembarcation port!
  • Trip canceled or cut short? We give refunds!
  • All the other amenities expected on a cruise ship like entertainment, specialty restaurants, casino, bars/night clubs, and more.
  • Guests can easily tranfer from the ship to a land-based facility in every port for any reason.

Our ship puts the 'living' in Assisted Living...guaranteed!

You've visited a few places, but just aren't sure if you're ready to admit you can't live on your own. If you're worried that moving into an assisted living facility or retirement home means you'll start wasting your life away alone and starting out a doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine your grandkids being excited to "hang out with grandma at the nursing home" for a week. Seriously. Your whole family will love the week with grandma and will be itching to come back!

You'll be an important part of the ship's community. Long term guests will be able to partake in their favorite hobbies on the ship. Love gardening? You can help decide what plants and vegetables grow all over the ship and even help plant/tend/pick them if you like!

Wanna volunteer? We'll coordinate with local charities in the ports we visit so you can get off the ship and volunteer your time. Whether it's an animal shelter in New Orleans or a blood drive in Boston, you'll be able to create wonderful memories with your time on the ship!

And don't forget...we are a cruise ship! So you still get the usual music, dancing, shows, classes, gaming, restaurants, and everything else you've grown to love about cruising. The only difference is you get to live there full-time with a medical staff and pharmacy coming along with you.

What we offer:

  • Our expert liesure planners will make sure you have an ample supply of events to spend your time...or you can lounge by the pool or enjoy silence in your room. You decide!
  • Our on-board pharmacy makes sure you have all your meds when you need them. Delivered directly to your room at your doctor's request!
  • Physician, nurse, dental, and physical therapy visits are all included! You only pay for medications and supplies.
  • Medicare always accepted! Our iteneraries are designed so that Medicare coverage is available 100% of the time and we'll automatically take care of all your Medicare billing.
  • Need to see a specialist? Every port we visit will have medical specialists and we'll coordinate with them to make sure you have an appointment when you arrive in port. We'll even take care of transportation for you!
  • Cost? It's about the same as the average private room in the Northeastern United States. Prices start at $335 per day. We also have a special offer for Early Birds who sign up today

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