Our Big Data Tracking

While at sea, we will collect more health and lifestyle data than any other system.

Lifestyle data is an all-important ingredient that is missing in healthcare. With only a few minutes to consult, doctors have no idea what is happening in a patient's life outside of what can be told to them in those few moments. We're eliminating that problem.

What kinds of details will we know that other healthcare providers can't?

  • What a guest is eating, and at what quantity; including alcohol consumption
  • How much a guest moves around and at what pace
  • How much a guest spends in their stateroom as opposed to outside it
  • What activities they do in their free time and how often
  • If guests are exhibiting more social or anti-social behavior
  • What level of communication they maintain with family and friends on land
  • Much, much more!

We can then use all of this information and cross-reference it with the healthcare data we are collecting during their stay and medical visits. We'd then be able to tell if changes in their lifestyle at certain points had any effect on their health, and vice versa. The ship will build a "smart" profile on each guest, and when the ship notices an event or series of events that has been associated with a health issue in the past, it can notify either the guest and/or medical staff to a possible negative or positive medical prediction.

World's largest medical device

How will we collect all of this data?

The ship will be loaded with sensors that track activities. But unlike other tracking methods, the ship itself is doing the tracking on it's own without physical guest interaction. The guest does not have to wear a tracking device or interact with an app at all. The guest will not even need a keycard to get into their room. The guest doesn't have to remember to carry or learn how to use anything on our ship. They just live their life!

Using facial recognition and body language technology, biometric and video scanners placed in strategic locations around the ship will recognize and log guest movement. When a guest is looking at a message board, these sensors will be looking at them, ID the guest, and log the location with a timestamp. Even the peepholes in stateroom doors are digital. The door will recognize the guest and let them in their room. This genius door even has the ability to tell if someone is near the guest or walking by, triggering a pause before unlocking the door or requesting the guest speak a vocally-recognized "safe word" giving the all-clear to the door lock system.

Sensors like the one in the door will be all over the ship. The sensors can even ID individuals in a group. The rest of our ship's systems will also track lifestyle data. We'll be able to easily track what a guest orders for dinner, how much of it they ate, and what their alcohol consumption was. We'll track what their spending is like and whether or not a big win in the casino immproves their health. Some of this data will be automated and others will be entered by the appropriate staff using quick entry applications.

Our system will likely be the closest any healthcare provider could get to predictive health and medicine.

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