Value-based Care saves time and money

Keep your health and your sanity with our all-inclusive healthcare model.

When you stay on our ship or in one of our land-based facilities, medical visits (whether doctor, nurse, dentist, optometrist, or massage therapist) are all included in the cost of your room. No nickel-and-diming for services and passing you along from person to person so we can keep billing up. We designed it this way so that our medical professionals are dedicated to your health...not making billing for the month!

What kinds of things ARE included?

  • Visits with any doctor
  • Dental and optometry appointments
  • Care from a nurse
  • Massages and physical therapy sessions
  • Medical consultations with specialists in our network while in port and on land
  • Visits with any specialist working aboard the ship or in our land-based facilities
  • Use of beareavement, spiritual, or grief counseling
  • Chaplain services
  • Funeral services in the chapel (based on availability)

You can visit the people above anytime without cost. Just make an appointment! It's included with your stay no matter if you are with us for only a short trip or for the rest of your life.

What types of things ARE NOT included.

  • Medications
  • Visits with land-based specialists that ARE not on our ship, in our facility on land, or outside of our ACO care network.
  • Medical supplies used in any capacity to administer medicine or care (such as needles, surgical supplies, etc.) even if used during a complimentary medical visit
  • Any item that would not normally be included on the rest of the ship (premium beverages, gratuities, specialty restaurant charges, etc.)
  • Burial at sea services
  • Funeral services not performed in the chapel
  • Air, rail, or bus fare

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