Are you a pirate of progress?

We aren't like other companies and we don't work with just anyone.
We only work with pirates.

We can't count the number of time news articles and blog posts have made us throw up in our mouths a little because some cruise line somehwere is "innovative" because they made their ship bigger or some shiny feature that only 4% of the poeple on the ship are going to use. That's not innovation...that's scaling and jewelry.

Bold, futuristic change only comes from those who are willing to push the boundaries of what is acceptable.

There is no 'normal' where innovation and our customers are concerned.

We want people who will give something a go simply because no one else has tried it before.

If you aren't willing to screw something up a hundred times just to see if it will work in order to improve our guest experience, working here is not going to work out...for anyone.

What kind of company would you be working for?

We are not a normal run-of-the-mill company taking some other existing idea and tweaking it a little to hopefully differentiate ourselves in the market. We aren't a startup either, even though people compare us to them and we occasionally have to use the term 'startup' when explaining ourselves. We do not fail fast and we are not 'lean' or any of the other startup buzzwords.

We cannot prototype. We do not scale fast. We scale by building a half-billion dollar ship or snatching up a chain of properties. We do research out the wazoo and talk with customers and regulators until we are dry in the mouth so we don't have to 'pivot' or 're-iterate' like startups do. We get one chance to make an amazing company and if we don't deliver, people will suffer. We are a billion dollar cruise line and billion dollar cruise lines require some tough, smart, and formidable people.

Only those willing to risk everything to make people happy should work with us. Because we have to get this right the first time. End of story.

For now, send an e-mail to the Startup Team at to get more information on working with us or see if we have any jobs posted on AngelList.

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