Healthcare cruise ships

We're building 600 to 1,000 room ships with restaurants, dancing, casinos, live performances, and more. They will be staffed with more medical professionals on one ship than all the other ships leaving Miami combined!

Healthcare At Sea Cruise Ship Drawing

We may be providing healthcare on our ships, but you'll never feel like you're in a medical facility. Our ships will look, operate, and move just like other cruise ships you've been on. You'll never want to leave!

That means that anyone can cruise with us, even if they don't need medical care. You can party the night away or have a relaxing time...YOU decide. And since our ships have no itineraries, YOU decide when you get on and off. YOU decide how many days you want to cruise. Now...for the first time...YOU have more choices than ever while cruising. No other cruise line is as flexible as we are.

We even give refunds. Good luck asking any other cruise line for a refund!

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Our destinations and ports of call

We plan to launch our first ship around 2020

We'll post more info and images of our ships as they near completion

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