Not any old cruise line...or healthcare facility

We've talked to thousands of people about what we do. The thing we notice most is that there are a lot of people out there who get excited about one or two things that we do, and end up over-looking the other things we are working on. Let us clear the air for you:

Everything else we do centers around this part of our business. The items below compliment our cruise business in every way to make one of the most innovating companies you've probably ever heard of.

We provide complimentary medical visits and care on the ship. Guests only have to pay for any prescriptions or supplies used. Need to see the dentist? Just make an appointment and his services are already paid for as part of your cruise! The best part is that we're designing the ship so it feels like you are on a regular cruise ship, not in a hospital or doctor's office; aside from the fact that about 20-30% of the staff on board are medical professionals and nurses. (Happy Feature #328: We think massages are an integral part of healthcare and happiness, so those are included as well.)

The ship is part of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). In every port we visit, we have prearranged partnerships with specialists that work with your doctors on board to serve specific medical needs and consultations not generally available on the ship. The great part is that we'll also handle the scheduling for a concierge. Need to see a cancer specialist? We'll make sure you see the right one in an upcoming port and arrange transportation for you!

Since we will be visiting all of these great cities along the coast and coordinating with specialists in each one, it only makes sense that you can easily transfer between land and sea whenever you need to. That cancer specialist you mentioned, let's say they recommend staying put for a couple of weeks while they run some tests and look you over. Consider it done. Under the ACO model, the ship will know the doctor has requested this and we will make arrangements for you to stay at a CruiseLT facility in port.

You'll get the same great care and service you expect on the cruise ship, but on land. We'll even arrange to move any belongings or luggage you need to your new place while you are there. Then when the specialist gives the OK, you can get back on the ship when we pass by again or travel to meet the ship in another port. You can also use these facilities for personal reasons, like visiting family or wanting to stay in a particular port longer so you can explore it deeply. Your re-location doesn't have to be for medical reasons!

We've been working on this beast since 2014 (and will continue to do so for quite some time), but it's the crème de la crème of our bucket list! We think the "efficiency" being touted by modern cruise lines are a bit of a joke. The technology exists to safely and economically reduce emissions to zero. The cruise lines have the money to afford it, just not the guts to do it. CruiseLT has no problem going after BIG IDEAS and this is our biggest. It will take a minimum of 10-15 years to accomplish, but when we do (and we will) that means you will be traveling on the most efficient, best-smelling, vibration-free, and innovative cruise ship in the world. Not to mention we actually save money over the life of a cruise ship by not having to use oil. That means better cost control for you long-term.

Insurance. Just about everyone needs it. We buy it while hating it at the same time. If you don't use lose it. Did you know that less than 2% of Americans have Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI)? Why? Because it's expensive and no one knows if they will ever need it. The problem is that as you get older, it gets REALLY expensive. And then if you don't need a nursing home or long term care...that money is GONE! We think that sucks.

So let's propose another idea...don't take money from people that don't use a service! The program we are working on IS NOT INSURANCE. It's a simple deposit. You choose how much you want to pay every month and that amount goes toward your future use of our services. Why is this awesome?

It's transferable. You can use it however you want. If you save up 150 days worth in can give some days to Aunt Charlotte to recuperate after her mastectomy or take yourself and 9 friends on a cruise for 15 days each to just have fun. If you pass away with a balance, your heirs can claim it.

It's flexible. Prices start at $25 per month. That means at today's rates ($300 per day), you'll be banking a day on the cruise every year. That day never expires and you can use it for anything. Want to bank more? Great, increase your monthly payments. Have a tough month and need the money for something else? Perfect, we'll keep track of your deposits and when you are ready to resume again...go for it!

It's refundable. You can get a refund for ANY reason. Just let us know you need the money to bail your dog out of jail and we'll refund your deposits (minus a cancellation charge in this case). If our efforts fail and we don't build the ship...we'll send 100% of what you paid us back to you (no cancellation charges or fees at all in this case).

We're still designing the payment system for the Advance Deposit Program (including a better any ideas?). It's not available just yet, but should be rolling out in a few weeks. If you are interested and would like to test it for us, get in touch and we'll let you know early and have you sign up as one of the first to help make sure everything works on our end.

In a nutshell:

So what are we doing? We're designing the world's first nuclear-powered, healthcare-focused, American-owned, American-built, American-operated, ultra-flexible cruise line. We're building up our future in order to better enhance yours. Do you think this is the most amazing thing you've ever heard of and want to help? Go here and with a just a couple clicks you'll be signed up to cruise with us. There is no risk as all deposits are refundable.

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