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Others Cruise LT - Healthcare At Sea
Cruise Lines
Guests forced to embark and disembark at limited ports Guests can embark and disembark in any port of call
Cruise is only in a port for several hours Guests can stay in port for longer periods of time, even if the ship departs.
Cruise is forced to leave the US, making Medicare useless Medicare applies 100% of the time on the cruise
Passengers with simple medical concerns feel insecure in case of a medical emergency Passengers rest assured traveling with us as there are medical professionals and a full pharmacy on board
No refunds. Guests must purchase trip cancellation insurance We give refunds on incomplete or missed cruises for any reason
Healthcare Facilities
Nursing homes, assisted living, and skilled nursing don't have many medical resources available and patients must go other places to seek care. Guests can see a doctor, dentist, nurse, and more right on the ship with visits included in the cost of their stateroom
Limited number of certified medical professionals on site Hundreds of the staff (about 20-30%) are medical and nursing professionals
Patients are treated like patients We treat our guests like guests, regardless if they are on the ship for vacation or for long-term care, hospice, etc.
Very little stimulation for mental and physical health With live shows, fancy restaurants, gaming, and more...stimulation and activities are only steps away

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